Product revisement after sale okay?

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Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:36 pm

C0MM4ND4RL337;2631877 wrote:If you buy a house in real life, it becomes your property (just like digital goods can become digital property, see examples of this in court cases years ago concerning digital property in Second Life). Imagine the municipality comes by to tell you that your house will be revised; there have been complaints by neighbours - whom have a smaller house - that the size of your house is offensive to them. Your house now will lose a whole level, and your backyard will be halved in size, and your parking lot will be taken away. Would you stand idly by or make a case?

Translating this to the digital world of ArcheAge.

You've got a glider, which is meant to be used as a get-away when you find yourself in a nasty situation (for instance, an OP DR has targeted you and you got little physical defense and know you'll be toast if you don't get out of his range), which you've bought with hard earned gold, loyalty.. You bought it to use it as it was intended, you made an informed decision. Now, Trion gets dozens of complaints from DR's (the majority of players) and thus tells you that they will revise your product (the glider). Would you stand idly by?

Would you have bought this glider in it's revised version? I think most would not have done so.
MonolithD;2631878 wrote:Trion TOS

7. Virtual Property

You agree that Trion retains the unfettered right to modify its Game(s) and all aspects of characters, items, points and coin, including Virtual Currency, therein. You acknowledge that Trion has been, is, and will be constantly making changes to its Game(s). You further acknowledge that Trion can and will, in its discretion, modify features, functions or abilities of any element of any of its Game(s) or Virtual Items (which may, among other things, make the Virtual Items substantially more valuable, effective or functional, or less valuable, effective or functional, more common or less common, or eliminated entirely). You acknowledge and agree that all Virtual Items represent a limited license right as governed by the terms of this Agreement, and are not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value from Trion at any time.

So I mean, go make a case if you really want to lol
C0MM4ND4RL337;2631897 wrote:Why the attitude? You clearly didn't read correctly. The question is whether it is okay, not if Trion states it is okay or whether it is possible to make some kind of case against it.
Kitsumae;2631901 wrote:It wouldn't be the first time that they nurfed items, i.e. mounts. Just keep that in mind when they put the next bis item in cash shop.
Termocaos;2631903 wrote:What Monolith said it's completely true, a change is all up to them, and it can be pushed forward or held back by community feedback, in this case, there's a large portion of community, or atleast what would most people call "victims", that would rather see these wings nerfed and normalized, like many other gliders/mounts in the past, and in my opinion, i'd rather see them nerfed or have the invincibility turned into a skill, just like the ezi glider.
jahlon;2631904 wrote:That glider is 100% totally unbalanced and something needs to be done to bring it in line with the already existing glider that grants Invincible Flight the Ezi's Glider.

Trion said that the cash shop would never have the best P2W items in it. Well if that is the case why is this glider so much better than the craftable version?
dirrtygmoney;2631907 wrote:Completely agree. We finally get a decent "get out of DR jail" card and now they want to take it away. Ridiculous. As if those dirty DRs don't have enough advantages already.
Turambaredolas;2631910 wrote:as a melee tank I have seen more DRs using it than any other class

for whatever reasons they jump on you, fail to kill you, get almost killed instead and use the glider to bail out before they die

from my perspective it is more like: people who use another glider because they use another glider/dont want the wings or cant afford them
Elendriss;2631920 wrote:I see it like this:

People cheat at this game. Glider swaps and Macros, radar hacks and bots planting and running packs. All for the end goal of having better gear. The dungeons in this game, are very seldom done. So pvp is the main focus for most people to gear up. I am not a big pvper, but it's a sandbox, so people should be able to do what they want. That puts me in the minority. This glider for me, is a way to deny people who want to pvp me, from being able to force me to. I mean I can't force them to single plant potatoes. Also, if said cheaters that trion won't/can't enforce, get frustrated because they can't ROFL stomp someone who isn't cheating, I consider that a win too.

I think the wings should be left as is. IF they get changed, trion should do the decent thing and offer refunds for them (not money, loyalty). Most games that change existing items on such a way will do something of that nature. I doubt it'll happen tho, knowing trion.
Tormensoth;2631932 wrote:I can see where you are coming from, and yes it would seem unfair, but on the flip side to it, look at what a single item had done vs all the other gear that players had worked for. Wasn't all their gear suddenly less effective. Hadn't everyones gear just received a giant nerf to 20+ pieces.

If tomorrow they sold a really expensive death ray that made all your armor obsolete, all players would then be required to get it. Same reason we have so many DR, people were almost forced to because of the mechanic that they refused to change.

I think the biggest problem was that in a raid, combat had overnight become completely unrealistic, not fun in any way to be a part of, and even worse to watch. The action movie everyone was watching had suddenly become a comedy.
MonolithD;2631935 wrote:I'm sorry, I think you misunderstood me, I heard about the glider story and I completely understand that it sucks, but that's how TOS usually works.

Since this is their version of the game, what they say is ok, is ok. You know?
C0MM4ND4RL337;2631938 wrote:No problem. I simply would not have bought the ravenspine glider if it didn't have that little advantage. The advantage sometimes got me out of a nasty pk situation, got me safe. I think a refund to some stretch would be appropriate, it wasn't cheap to get for me.
Cottontail;2631940 wrote:According to this logic, Sloth glider should be nerfed to the ground too then because every pvp'er has been using this glider since it came and always managed to run away from pvp. But nobody bats an eye to that, suddenly we get this Ravenspine wings and people start crying...

Also, according to this kind of logic then there should be many things that needs a nerf in the game that makes people flee from pvp, want examples?

- Teleportation passive from Auromancy tree,
- Battlerage tree (since it has too much gab closers)
- Mounts such as Thunderdash, Mirage Snowlion etc

I don't see any pvp'er crying/suggesting a nerf about any of these OP items however.

Lastly, people are way too late with their complaints about the P2W items:
* Where were you when Sloth Glider was on MP?
* Where were you when Thunderstuck trees were on the MP?
* Where were you when Mirage Snowlion came into MP?

I could go on...

I agree with the OP, people made a purchase.
If Trion nerf this glider than they should give our money back too and remove the item from our character/inventory. If they are ready to scam people this way, than they should be ready to give their customers money back too!
Aeducan76;2631965 wrote:But you pressed the "YES" button when you were asked, thus agreeing to all potential BS they can throw at you.

You get me here, right? I am totally in agreement with you.
Tr34;2631980 wrote:Like cash shop items matter that much when there's something like APEX which allows ppl to fully P2W dominate the game via RMT...
This glider is nothing compared to 8.5-9.3k GS P2W players. As long as this game allows RMT to win, cash shop won't matter much to me.
Plus nothing is preventing you guys from accumulating enough loyalty and buying it via loyalty, it's not on cash shop anymore.
But u won't ever obtain P2W Gear Scores unlike that "loyalty" glider.
Cottontail;2632020 wrote:True, to an extend. That "YES" button doesn't make Trion "invinsible/immune" to lawsuits.
There are some laws (especially in EU) that protect the customers from "shady/scammer" companies when it comes to real life money. A person would be well in their right to sue said company when their customers don't get their moneys worth.

I'm not going further into details here, but I think that you get the idea ;)

I'm glad you do :D
Everyoung;2632025 wrote:This is not because it's op on dr. It's just cause dr is op, so u see much more drs than other classes lol.
Aeducan76;2632028 wrote:True, but while i am nowhere near being an expert on that matter i fear that EU rights haven´t caught up on these modern issues yet. I mean it took them ages to relief public WLANs from being sued for misuse by guests (in Germany) and that´s a pretty standard thing.

I do see the need for game balancing, companies do that all the time, then again i sure did had no problem in WoW with that, because i just had my sub and got the full game, but with f2p titles like AA, publishers seem to run rampant and this needs to be addressed.

Another problem is that US usually thinks they are above the law in other countries in that regard. But even a company as big as Microsoft has been given the finger by the EU, so there´s hope.
Everyoung;2632029 wrote:If there is a nerf on it, I hope there would be an option to have a refund on that glider lol.

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