Eanna: The Tryhard situation

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Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:37 am

Just using this topics to store some posts, in case Trion get all censor hungry again:

I wrote a statement on TH in the Eanna thread and strangely Tanza felt compelled to answer.
It may be an simple assumption, why she did it, because after all it´s not important, if there´s no truth to it, right?

But back in the day, when Tanza spoke up, people usually hit a spot:

So here goes the second part of the conversation:

First off, we know TH in "untouchable" in certain terms and i am not necessarily referring to PvP. :)
Second, they have very good, capable players at PvP.
Third, ppl can look up the sirothe server forum about the erenor skills of trash talk on TH´s side, but if you wanna discuss it on more private terms, feel free to join an alternative to the AA/Reddit forums - see signature.
Tanza;2626356 wrote:Interesting salty viewpoint
Why do ppl always assume one is getting upset or even angry when they have a different opinion. Especially someone with your educated background.

It´s a good example how normal decent people turn arrogant an beyond in TH.
Tanza;2626356 wrote: PF are the masters of propaganda, in game and on the forums. They had some decent ppl, but also a lot who played for the trash talk more than anything else, so we switched off to them. PvP was not fun against them, this was nothing to do with dying or losing but the trash spoilt it.
This is the best joke i have heard so far - in AA. Made me laugh really hard. Got me a coffee and smoke afterwards.
TH is, albeit skilled in it, the most disrepectful and disgusting bunch of players when it comes to lies.

Edit: It´s part of the charm of AA though, that Game of Thrones shadowplay. Or drama as most call it. In a game there´s just a degree of decency one should not cross.

Especially that guy that created these meme´s all the time. What was his name again? French guy. Dunno. If one could get a certification on (trying to) lying he´d be it.

Admittetly, this resulted in the Haranya faction ripping themselves apart over carefully placed rumors and unrest about who´s working with TH.
Nobody trusted anybody at that point. That was, when TH was at their strongest.

What repeated each time, however, when a guild challenged you, like CRB, PF and LC, there was much whine to the cheese on your farmland.
Tanza;2626356 wrote: TH kept numbers down to 45 for nearly two years (a lot less for most of it, often only 15 active members), and only recruited more when we decided to try Levi and then form a nation. We did not leave due to challenge, we left due to no challenge.
Then why is it everytime, not just the nation, you had a challenger you boosted numbers in an attempt to gain supremacy again?

I mean - it´s a fair concept. Just a boring one. You never opted for a playing style (like most free farm guilds) that could result in you being soundly defeated - like in loosing the nation for good or being denied bosses at a regular basis.

In that regard, you represent the average PvP playerbase, that talks about wanting to have PvP all the time, but when they get it easily get outraged.

To be fair - you did organize PvP events with guilds like LC, basically planned dominions.
You do like those. PvP fights where you have no gold to loose.

So you left after you had no more challenge. To a degree i can believe that, even for PvP centric players that don´t want a real challenge, just dominance, farming gold can get a bit boring.

The other side of the coin is and PF is the best example here, you actively avoided PvP, if you could, where there was a possibility for you to loose (gold).
Tanza;2626356 wrote: Putting up a challenge, now that's where this gets funny. The only guild that gave us anything serious was Laughing Coffin and we had a lot of good pvp with/against them, including 6 hour contests, and the battle for Growgate tower (awsome day). I don't remember calling the rest of you potato's, quitters maybe.
TH is kinda like a sect here. The front (wo)man does, most of the time, a public relations job and is somewhat reasonable, while not answering questions to matters "behind the scenes".

Then your average member, even if previously a decent person you could hang out with, starts to berate players, even former friends with an attitude that´s beyond description.
It´s kinda like you brainwash ppl - which would apply to a sect.
Tanza;2626356 wrote: The last comment is probably the funniest of them all. You are referring to a guild that's been going since the first few months of release.
That´s right. It´s unlikely TH will ever break down on itself completely.

But you had your ups and downs nevertheless. Though, sad news for Taiver maybe, that on Sirothe after you created a nation, you had even more gold incentive to stay.

There are exceptions to the gold related memberships, Peru and Masama come to mind.
Tanza;2626356 wrote: What I don't get is why you drag Sirothe and history into this discussion at all. This post was on Eanna, move along.
Are we afraid of history yet?

It really doesn´t hurt you that people on Eanna know your story or that it does give away some secret tactics.
I mean - you´re using that old stuff all over again. Who can blame you? Never change a running system. :)
Tanza;2626356 wrote: "You may experience extreme thirst, nausea, dizziness, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea as your system is unable to rid itself of excess sodium". Take care.

I take it that´s a futile attempt at an insult and yet another reference to salt. Whereas "salt" is just a different opinion, that you can´t handle as much as competition.

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Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:12 pm

Doompony;2626565 wrote:@Aeducan76
Tacowhisperer here, you are pretty on point with your Tryhard description. They deny PvP, come for it when its easy win and nothing to lose. Only part when they did PvP non-stop when I joined the guild, before they started mass recruiting, fights vs LC were so much fun.

When PF came it turned into PvP denying, with most of their toxicity was adressed actually towards me, yet I didn't mind fighting them. Reality was - tryhard gave up since they knew they can't win.

But funny things happened after PF left, there were enough people to fight - Tryhard didn't want. Only activity they ever did - gold trader.

When I hear them talk about them enjoying PvP I just laugh, because gold trader was during abyssal, many times I had the lead and then officers start flaring people out of my raid to save their packs on freed since they are doing gold trader every night. Was really sad sight. Entire guild was thrown to pvp and slave for their packs, while most geared people in the guild sit and farm the gold during events.

They are there for profit, they milked what they wanted and left server. Now they want to do leviathan uncontested on eanna, big project

Hey there, Taco. :)

Yeah i remember bashing the yummy Taco. At times PF was quite unbalanced and trash talking like tomorrow the worlds gonna end and they just had to let "it" out ;) I wouldn´t go so far to call it mental, though it was close.

But in terms of PvP this was a sad thing to witness, TH gone all soft. I too remember other times in the beginnings, where pirates were pirates and there were still ships to hunt on the sea (other then their own) and TH was a permanent, but welcome threat, since trading is boring as hell.

I actually watched on Freedich a couple of times (shadowplay ftw), was sure something to behold, the poor gold trader must have felt a bit overused then. It´s a wonder he didn´t explode from all the packs put into him.

In the early days i had respect, admiration even, for TH, they lost all that over time, the "PF incident" was pretty only the last rise of the desert sun drying away the last few drops of respectful water - so to speak. It actually made me feel a bit ashamed for our server.

Leviathan - finally somebody speaks it out loud. Sirothe is too underpopulated to be a good resource for recruitment on such an undertaking. They sure tried (hard ;) ) to do it on Sirothe, but it was not opposition that stalled them.

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Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:12 pm

Demirguc;2626583 wrote: hat is killing the servers is the inability to work together to overcome a stronger force.
The personification and demonization of player nations! The paranioa and seeing ghosts (alts, spies) everywhere.
Lack of leadership, vision, resilience and coordination.
The blaming of externalities.

All of the above is not something Trion can "fix"
Very true.

Especially the working together part.

The main problem is the game itself in that regard.

First off, you have the "powergamers" in such guilds. With the flexible spawn timers you have no way of contesting them with a regular force on a regular basis, because of real life, work etc.

Second, even if you manage that, it doesn´t really hurt. You cannot win the game by attrition. Gear is not lost, Gold is not really lost.
Edit: Realistically you´d have to deny a dominating guild all income for several month to "wear them out" - they could simply use alts to circumvent that.

So you managed to get all people to stay up late night and into the morning to deny the ruling guild, got reprimanded by your boss for sleeping on the job and then the fatigue sets in.

The conscript/random players don´t have time to do that every day... and the whole swings back into no contest at all/ too few ppl to contest.
Now you´re right that Trion cannot really fix this, this kind of flaw is not unique to AA (somebody mentioned Eve Online iirm).

However, this doesn´t change the fact it being a problem - for keeping the player base. Farmers/Traders won´t mind.

Baseline is, PvP power guilds kill their own game and have no right to complain about it.
I know the OP is on the loosing side of that equation, but all those talks back then about Kyrios, then Dahuta, then Eanna (not in that particular order) being THE future PvP server all ended the same.

And very few PvP guild holding power would ever split into 2-3 smaller guilds that go full contest on each other for the fun of it.
Yet those that don´t complain about the lack of pvp.

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