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I personally don´t think that AA is dead. It´s just in a bad state and there were short gasps for air, before falling back into a near coma.

After all people have been claiming this after every exodus of players due to Trions failures as a service provider - or blatant p2w mechanics implemented.

There´s the problem - people DID leave. In masses.

Some efforts Trion underwent, including fixing issues that allowed cheating/exploiting and the merging and fresh start servers brought back a fraction of these.

That is one reason why the "death" and the reasons behind it, are valid explanations (in the vid of nerdSlayer) of how the current state of the game came to be.

I personally wouldn´t like it to fail, but atm i can´t see any improvement, except the trade system maybe.
Crafting has almost all rng removed, in turn you have to regrade more often. It´s like putting candy on the table and everytime your kid reaches for it you hack of one of it´s fingers.

The main reason for the forum being created is to provide a platform to discuss AA freely, even Reddit is to some degree under the "iron fist" of Trion´s censorship.

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