Another infraction for telling the truth

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God Trion is such a pussy, perverted company, there are basically no words for it:
archeage wrote:Dear Aeducan76,

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Do not post profanity, or attempt to circumvent the profanity filter.

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neoVictrix;2641458 wrote: The whole "fake news" bs stems from those that continue to present the game as if it was still 2014. Or take something that's been said out of context in order to apply to a recent situation (like the ever so popular "no tricks, no traps" meme). The fact we've had members in the community purposely create a fake email screenshot to cause further disruption when discussion on the welcome back packs was ongoing say a lot.

Actually that was a reference to the Muzzy outburst not so long ago ;)

History doesn´t make fake news. And if history repeats itself, over and over again there´s nothing wrong in mentioning "Yeah, they´ve done this shyt before!"
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