@Muzzy Any news on the pulled RNG box / any news on refunds or compensation?

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Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:14 pm

Just saving that here because it will surely be deleted
Muzzy;2644648 wrote:Hey all!

The Milkmaid Costume Crate is and marketplace update was confirmed and is now activated again. Thank you for your understanding, and for your patience while we ensured the quality and accuracy of the information.

It turns out that the crate was correct, but the hover-info in the marketplace stated that there were regrade charms in it, but that was not the case. XL was able to update the marketplace file and get it back to us. The website, forum post, and steam post all had correct information. The only incorrect information was that hover-info.


First off - i didn´t buy any of these casino gambling boxes.

Second, wtf are you talking about. You had full control over those boxes and the marketplace in the past. I doubt that has changed. Sounds like another deliberate rip off to me.

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