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Shabachi;2628827 wrote: WoW also just launched an apex system called WoW tokens. Even the biggest subscription MMO sees that this model is how MMOs fund themselves. Sorry folks but the sub only era is dead.

Generally yes armor and weapons come from raids, but there are certain crafted pieces that are better than raid pieces. I won't pretend AA isn't p2w, but based on the arguments people throw around on these forums WoW is now under the same umbrella.

This is how fake news come to life.

Truth is, WoW for a long time had a cash shop for just cosmetic mounts and small pets. They even used special pets in order to fundraise money for people in need of aid.
NONE! of the sold items gave the slightest in-game advantage and a mount was available for as cheap as €10 - there were exceptions but those were equally not affecting the game.

Truth is also that there is now the "WoW Token" that you can buy for real money and sell in-game much like AA or Eve Online. These tokens can be used by players to obtain a subscription for 30 days.

That is where the similarities end.

You cannot buy the best gear in-game, not even half comparable to raids, for in-game gold you get from the WoW Token.

At best you may be able to buy 1-2 gear pieces that are better than what the lower difficulty level raids will give you.

You cannot compete with anybody if you just rely on that. And there´s the difference to AA, which is also based on game mechanics.
Even if you could buy an mythic erenor WEAPON equivalent in WoW, people that do it the normal gear progession would easily wipe the floor with you, because the weapon is only like 20-40% of your combat effectiveness.

Where in AA the weapon is like 60-80% combat effectiveness.

But you can´t, those few craftable weapons you can buy on the AH (and thus theoretically by selling a WoW Token) are nowhere near the competetive stuff and you still need to grind for that armor.
Grind in PvP or PvE Raids which require teamplay and exceptional handling of your class, not the dumbed 1-2 buttons in AA boss fights.

You basic statement, that WoW is now basically on par with AA in business model is so far from the truth, you´d have to fly 15 years at lightspeed to actually reach this nonsense.

Also, the in-game gold in WoW is rather easy to obtain, just by doing dailes and simple mob grinding.

Ya know - where mobs actually give you the loot when you kill them, not random drops of casino boxes you have to spent a gate resource named "labor" on. (and wonders.... the economy did manage quite well, without such a paygate)

Shabachi;2628835 wrote:WoW has gear specifically catered to PVP. last time i played there was a stat that only existed on gear you got from grinding the arena and battlegrounds. However you could walk in to those same places with raid gear, or crafted gear that was better and still stomp people until the pvpers could grind up enough points to get the highest set of the pvp specific gear.

I'm aware of gearscore differences. The point I was trying to make is most of the p2w threads point at the apex system and screech at it because they assume apex is what causes the p2w issue yet it gets celebrated when it is released in WoW. I am aware that with an investment of $3000 you can buy enough apex to get yourself an amazing set of gear and do really well for yourself in archeage. Any other points will move away from the topic at hand. I just wanted to point out that even the pinnacle of the subscription based mmos has moved away from that system which means future MMOs will most likely not be released in a subscription based fashion since there is no longer an industry leader setting an example.

So you played WoW like 2-3 years ago, when there was a short period of time, when you could actually walk into arenas with your PvE gear and be on par.
That was quite quickly fixed back then and nowadays the system is different.

Edit: An rightly so - the PvP crowd complained about this, the devs did listen and within one PvP season this was fixed - a pvp season is a rather short period of time and not comparable with the usual "content" releases XL does for fixing stuff (2.0 /3.0 /3.5), or breaking it even more.
Blizzard listens and applies useful changes.

But then again Blizzard is selling a game that is not designed around just one core game mechanic - the cash shop.

What has always been true about WoW (after Vanilla) is that specialized PvP gear gave you a real edge in instanced and open world combat - gear you could NEVER buy directly or indirectly (apex, wow token).

There is absolutely no way you can compare the WoW Token to Apex and the impact has on the game.

Because WoW = 0 Impact --> Archeage = Fully buyable Best in Slot (BiS) gear, when available on the AH.

Doesn´t really matter if you have to invest 3k or 30k to buy that gear. Thus, it´s fair to say AA is p2w.

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