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Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:22 pm

So i am actually wondering what will happen after writing this:
Miraju;2626632 wrote:The P2W issues I have are the fact that you need to give the company money to use the auction house, as well as to own any property. Perhaps limit players to 1 property if they don't have patron? I mean things like that would make it a much more enjoyable venture, IMHO...

And I pretty much agree with everything you just said. Lv30-55/2 I just crafted packs.

Hm... i shouldn´t probably say it, because i probably get reprimanded (at best) for it, but i have created 30 accounts over a period of time, after Celestrata announced the new Glyph client can store up to 30 accounts.

It still cannot save 30 accounts - just to mention that ;)

I don´t really play those, i was just curious to test it. (Edit: That acutally gave me one more clue about how testing stuff is handled, even if Glyph maybe handled by a different team than AA releases)

Nevertheless, the ease of creating such alts prevents offering house ownership to f2p players.

I agree on the auction house. That shouldn´t be hidden behind a paywall.

In generall i think that the benefits for patron are still not big enough. After all, if you want to play an mmo you should be ready to view one movie less a month to pay for it, or make it up with free time.

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