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Sat Jul 29, 2017 1:00 pm

As of now, i am pretty lonesome in this forum and i wonder when the first guy registrates just to belittle my sorry ass for talking to myself.

The reason is simple though.
  • I do own web-space. Thus i have the resources to just do it.
  • My posts on the official archeage forum are controversial and the threads i post in are often deleted. That´s why i will copy them here to keep them for future reference
  • I question moderator action, so i will get banned every now and then on the AA forums, but i want to keep statements alive and out of Trions reach.
That´s basically it. If it wasn´t for Trions pussy policy on how to handle posts, this whole forum wouldn´t have been necessary. They are misusing their power in censoring their forums, in an futile attempt to keep ppl from talking bad about Archeage - even if they just say the truth and some things ARE bad in AA.
Or, for example, if you openely tell a guy like BigDataDude that he´s telling bullshit, not even using the word shit, it will get you easily banned or your thread removed. Celestrata suffers from that issue as well at times.

Any person with a common sense would, as of now - the internet age, would have recognized, that´s not how things work anymore.

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