Blycee´s fresh start is the only solution

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Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:19 pm

blycee;2626563 wrote:Hey Community, as one of the ppl. who started AA 4 times now, first at Alpha, Release, FS1, FS2 and probably a 5th. time at 4.0 I would like to share why I think that Fresh start Servers bring ppl. into Archeage.

I claim that the Fresh Starts bring ppl. into Archeage (new ppl. and old ppl. ) which wouldn't start on a legacy server.

Only Trion knows in the end numbers or something offical but from what I saw the last years from the server events, activitys, contests (casles, worldbosses and so on), the server activitys of the fresh server performed far better then legacy. While I saw on every legacy server a dominating guild/playernation, on the FS it took a while until a guild dominated the server.

I painted a little chart which shows what I experienced over the last years in AA regarding the server population.


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Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:21 pm

My reply:

Is this supposed to be a troll post?

Or yet another AA is dead thread?

You neglect the period after release when AA was alive and kicking. Before Auroria.

We do know you vote for FS servers, because you like them and enjoy "restart" rush to things.

You estimate that legacy dies and FS is the only solution.

So your observation may be considered very subjective and one-sided, even if not totally inaccurate.

Basically you want a fresh start all over again or on a regular basis.

Here´s a suggestion for Trion how to mend this "trend":
At a healthy time, merge the existing FS with the legacies, i know you don´t want to do it now, but maybe Eanna, Kyprosa and FS are not a bad idea to make room for the next thing.

I apologize if anybody has suggested this before, but i believe in the often discussed "AA" killer, Crowfall, the world ends. At a certain (fixed?) progression point there is an armageddon, after that the world "fresh starts".

So why don´t you offer such thing in AA.

Basically a Fresh Start server that will be reset after a set period of time. All players start at lvl 1 again, no gain retained.

This will renew the rush everytime and even allow for competition to build anew (overpowered player nations anyone?). Prevents permanent free-farm by one guild, but allows for it still when one guild gains supremacy on the server.
Edit: It´s also a great option for a big event where you can interact with your community as the server burns.

I could see such a server buzzing with live as everyone strives to be on top until the server is reset.
Maybe create a "Hall of Fame" who "won" the server that year. Or that hilarious overview you once had about how many yatas were killed and how many potatoes planted etc.

And then "Reset, Repeat".

Now, i don´t know if "one year" would be sufficient and there´s the problem with ppl investing real money into a resetting FS servers, but if you openly communicate, that after a reset credits bought will not re-imbursed this might still work.
As a small compensation you could give players the option to activate all credits bought on an FS on a different account on the legacies after the reset.

That could at least keep the incentive that player want to spent extra money on the FS.

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