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Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:48 pm

1. Only one forum account please.
If you cannot make your point with one account, you won´t with ten others.
You may create (1) alternate account in case you have been banned (which should happen very rarely) and want to appeal, that account has to carry the same forum handle followed by "_app".

2. Heated discussions are welcome, but don´t overextend
All community members are here to enjoy the game and discuss it amongst one another and the members of staff. As we know sometimes things can get a little heated, we´re willing to let that go on, after all we want a free discussion, even one that has spirit.
Just remember that even if "the other guy" is a dick, it doesn´t mean you have to get dragged down to that level.

3. No posting of sexual or graphically violent content.
Sexual and violent content does not have a place here in this community, postings that violate this may have the specific content - like a "dick pic" removed.
Since we want to be transparent, these actions will be explained by the forum moderators.

4. You´re allowed to use a certain degree of profanity.
Profanity can be fun at times and cursing is also welcome. Just keep in mind that using harsh words won´t make a good argument.
Joking around is okay, bullying others not. Keep it at a fun and fair level.

5. Do not post any topics relating to religion or politics.
We won´t police any jokes about political or religion topics per se, but as before, use common sense. If you see someone is really offended, stop putting another knife in, we want to keep the posts and not over moderate them.

6. Hate speech is not allowed. Fuck you is.
The Community consists of people from every walk of life, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, and more. Any form of hate speech, racial slurs, will be removed and commented by the moderators.
If you break this rule repeatedly, you may get banned, your posts will remain a proof to the community of your failures.

If you think someone should "Fuck off" you´re allowed to tell him so.

7. Do not post private messages or personal information.
All private messages and personal information should remain private. This is true for the entire internet, but hey... if you use Facebook and Whatsapp, don´t bother, you´re already made out of glass, so shoot.

8. Do not harass or defame others.
Harassment or defamation of anyone else, be it staff or a community member, for any reason, is not welcome in the community.
Harassment is a broad concept. Some people, like Anita Sarkeesian, think if you don´t agree with them, you harass them.
Harassment is if you get personal, threaten a persons real life. This won´t be accepted.

But you´re allowed to get hard on another, after all we want to have vivid discussions. Just remember to use common sense.

There is no fame to be gained on this forum. Therefore you cannot be defamed ;) On a more serious note, if you really want to unveil that someone´s a dick or a liar, do so by showing his wrongs to others. But yes. You´re allowed to call ppl "a dick".

9. Do not threaten or personally attack others.
The community is a space where anyone may speak their mind freely without being subject to a personal or verbal attack from another.
When posting, please be considerate of other people's viewpoints, even if you do not agree with them.

If your opinion is that someone of the staff has to be fired, please share it and why, moderators on this forum can take that. It won´t necessarily result in them being fired though.

Some people take everything as an attack on their person, even the slightest of critic, if you can´t take that, leave the forum.

10. Call out others for their in-game activities.
You´re fully allowed to call out people for their in-game activities if you think they misbehave, use exploits etc. But remember, talking crap about a person is one thing - the better way is proof.

11. Linking external media that shows exploits or even hacks
While we do not condone hacking/exploiting, we strive for people to be educated to what goes and what not.
You ARE allowed to post content that contains live material of exploits/hacks in use. There´s a small line here though. You are NOT allowed to promote hacks beyond this.
This site isn´t about encouraging players to use such tools, but to make them aware of the reality.

But always remember - people knowing how cheats work usually are not better at "detecting" them. Usually they are even more prone in "seeing ghosts" (Like mistaking real lags for a teleport hack).

12. Bump threads to the top if you feel the issue hasn´t been addressed yet.
You are allowed to bump threads you want more opinions on in general. Blatant abuse to block other threads will be handled by the forum moderators.
Since our aim is to keep all possible threads, extensive bumping will result in the thread being archived, for all to see.

13. Main language is english. Please try to stick with the universal language.
If you can´t please explain that and ask in your native tongue, the moderators will check for hidden insults and if you abuse this freedom it will be acted upon - if possible with a translation of your post, so all can see your error.

14. Don´t be a grammar nazi, but use text formatting.
People that comment any typo are just dicks. Don´t be one of them. It doesn´t make you in any way intelligent or superior - quite the opposite, since only a really shallow and dumb person needs to revel in typos and nobody can really take a grammar nazi serious.

Nothing is more annoying than a wall of text with no line breaks, you will get belitteled for those and you earned it.
Typing on a smartphone is no excuse - i mean who really wants to type 2 pages of text on a shitty smartphone?

If you line out text even further by using special formatting like Bold, Italic or Code features of phpBB, you can even have ppl read your text more.

15. Don´t spread false information.
We´re here for an open honest discussion. A lil brawl using "lightsaber diplomacy" is fine, just keep your facts straigt.
Moderatores are totally allowed to debunk your lies, if you choose to go down that path, excessive lies may be put into the archive, but will remain viewable for everyone.

Once a reputation has gone it´s hard to earn it back - especially on the internet.

16. Do not impersonate others.
If you´re schizophrenic that´s fine, otherwise you´re not allowed to impersonate community members OR staff members of the official forums/gaming companies.

17. Do respond to flame posts in self-defense.
But do it intelligently by dismantling your "opponent" with arguements rather than getting dragged down to their level. Idiots usually have more experience in that regard, so you would kinda loose.

18. Do discuss cheating, exploits, hacking, or botting.
Extension to 11. Freely discuss these issues in a censor free environment - the "no advertising" rule does always apply.
If you want to talk about how to get your hands on such stuff, please do so only via PM.

19. Discuss moderator action, request the re-opening of archived threads.
We do not censor like some game companies do, you´re allowed to appeal like stated in 1.
You´re allowed to question moderator action, just keep that common sense at hand - shouting won´t get you far.

When you request to re-open archived threads you won´t get banned, because it´s okay to ask.

20. You´re allowed to post advertisements. Just don´t spam about it.
That are not cheat related, but refer to useful source for the game. Like Char Builders, Crafting Spreadsheets etc.
You´re are allowed to suggest members of the community other sources.

The one thing that will result in a ban, is if you link any sites that try to infect any computer opening it with malware.

This is the one thing we will be adamant about it and no appeal will get you active again.

21. Illegal activity or posts about illegal activity are not allowed.
Posts that break local, state, national, or international laws or regulations are not allowed, as said in the forum rules you already accepted when joining this forum.

22. Trade items of items/accounts for real world currency.
Doing so openly is not allowed, if someone posts "Hey i would like to sell my Godlike Warhammer of Warfare for 500 bucks" and agrees to it via PM, we can´t really police that.
Just be aware that we do not take responsibility for any bans on your game accounts if you violate the publishers rules about real money trade.
Also we´re not responsible for the taxes you have to pay for such deals done in the backyard of our community.

This list is not considered to be exhaustive - the moderators do not maintain the ability to discipline and ban accounts at their sole discretion.
Even moderators can be emotionally evolved dicks sometimes.

Bans will be discussed at least with another staff member (if available) and they will be explained on the forums.

These rules may be modified or added to by the moderator team at any time, but we won´t implement a rule just to keep game critics out.

A word on Warnings, Infractions, and Bans (both temporary and permanent.)

We don´t give infractions. Infractions are the wrist slapping of helpless moderators.

If you crossed that very generously given line of being a half-decent human - you´re done for good.
Yet we will allow for passionate and heated discussion were you don´t have to fear being banned randomly, just because a moderator had a bad hair day.

And now, without further due - discuss away!

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Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:51 pm

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