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Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:59 pm

I know i know.

Ashes of Creation is out there, promising to be the next "thing".

But silently a game with high potential has been developed not to publicily.

A spiritual successor to Ultima Online, this game may not feature the GFX of Archeage, but what is AA really? An F2P, P2W slug fest.

With https://www.legendsofaria.com you get a full game, with no monthly pay and no cash shop.

You get a game that allows PvP at a competetive level.

You get a game that allows you to run your own server and tailor it to your needs - no more exuses things can´t be done.

LoA may not have all the features of AA yet and may never have the looks - but you can either make it that way or join the great community servers out there.

For a mere 40$.

(Running an own server may require some form of monthly fee, but you don´t need to pay the 200$ to be able to alpha admin the game before steam release.

Join up now.

Favorite clusters are:

cluster1.shardsonline.com:5002 - Arcanima, active Development team currently modding the whole system - Germany based.
cluster.shardsonline.com:5035 - Teiravon, custom world with it´s own lore and heavy development
cluster.shardsonline.com:4040 - Legends of Ultima - a total Ultima style conversion of the base game, maps are standard right now, but game mechanics are already very close to UO

All of these shards are active and development occours while you play it, devs will listen to your feedback, sometimes even making things change on the fly.

Join LoA now!

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